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  • Sound Healing: Opening and remembering the capacity of your ancient voice /  connecting your womb / hara with your heartspace and throatchakra  (online sessions and in physical)

  • Shamanic Womb Voice transmissions through Miriam: after a conversation, or after a voice opening together, i channel a medicine song for you. also recording a medicine song for you via video is possible, so you can listen and dive into it again. we see individually what suits you best​   (online sessions and in physical) 

  • Heart opening satsang / conversation, to support the activation of your innate soul wisdom (online satsang and in physical )


  • Immersion into HUman BEingness : in the tipi, down to earth, at the sacred fire, in stillness, in sound, into ONEness


  • Meditation 


  • Open for Co-creation in music and other fields of HUman experience



I am a shamanic womb / channeling singer. I connect and integrate polarities with my voice and drum, and in this way act as a bridge to reconnect other humans to their soul remembrance, or soulcodes. I also work with light language and as a transmitter of magdalene / zeropoint energy, and connect to many different master/elder energies from various timelines, cultures and lineages, on, and off earth.

contact: or via fb: Miriam MA



I dedicate myself  to holding space for selfhealing and selfreconnection. To serve in the simplicity of the present now, to connect with the I AM presence, the sacred breath and holy spirit. 



More about us...


We are here, to BE with you. In truth, in honesty, in crystal clearness of cosmic christ consciousness, and with loving hearts. We share our experience.


Here, to hold space for the activation and healing of your sacred heart. Your zeropoint of creation. to inspire and support your way into remembrance as authentic, pure, and loving BEings in this HUman incarnation. A humbled state. 


We remembered our indigenous HUman self through living in the forest, and surrendering to all that is. The elemental spirits of earth and of other realms helped us to heal and reconnect to our innate  innocent human nature, and intuitive heart intelligence. 

As we, step by step, let go of the controlling, one sided mind, free ourselves of the societal fear conditioning, and clear the distorted, unnatural patterns and programmes, we begin to reveal our true selves. Unto ourselves. We begin to hear the voice of heartwisdom and our soul’s wise whisper. We taste, what it can mean, to grow into our full and beautiful potential. If we surrender to this unknown path ahead, if we surrender, and just say ‘YES’ to the process unraveling...our most beautiful, and also demanding way back into wholeness can begin. The real bravery of these times is to face our ‘shadows’. We have to break the cycles of ‘hurt people hurting people’. All needs to be seen, ‘forgiven’, embraced, understood...and let go of. Sustainable   change begins with us, and will then be mirrored in the outside manifestations. 

Evolution is an ongoing process. It is our free will to choose the real, deep awakening, remembering, and clearing of the old, or taking another round in the already known. 

As we live here on mother earth, this most wonderful living, breathing being...It is crucial to remember our origins, our roots, and grow into true organic sovereignty, becoming an embodied indigenous soul.