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The importance of opening your voice

i am sharing a fb post here, as it is teling a bit more about my perspective of my work, and the opening of your voice. namasté, miriam


there is so much, that could be said about the opening of your voice here. and yet, many wise and deep writings are already out there. books, texts, many teachers and teachings.

the rise of the heartconnected voice of the feminine, and of HUmanity is unstoppable. and very much needed.

so, to my perspective, which is talking to women AND men, but as i am incarnated in a feminine body, my perspective here includes more of the feminine view, and its expierences.

for us as women and HUman BEings, at this point of earth history, it is crucial, to step back into our sovereignty, our clarity, authenticity, and the boldness of deep selfdiscovery.

to create the new, the old needs to be transmuted, and so humanity is reconnecting with self healing and self exploring modalities like never before, and the HUman voice is one of the most effective, core reaching nurturing and joy bringing ones. it opens portals to a gnostic process, where you experience your inherent divine nature through direct experience.

in the feminine being, the throat, the heart, and the womb space have an intricate connection, but, after these thousands of years of distorted femininity, this connection is often unbalanced,

blocked or severed. so, as our wonderfilled physical vessel is a holistic, interconnected BEing, voice healing or opening means also womb-, and heart healing, and vice versa. a holistic process, which touches your very depths.

the yearning of more and more women, to open the gift of their voices is intrinsically interwoven with the calling of femininity, or the feminine essence, to step forward, becoming whole, being heard, being seen, being included and appreciated for their/ its approach to life, and the wisdom they / it has to give to an imbalanced, mind dominated world. true sovereign women (and men) will bring the long awaited balance. new earth reality.

about my work, my offerings

after 6 deeply transfomative years of reconnecting and integrating the medicine of my voice, i am now ready to hold space for you sister. breathing, opening, sounding, chanting together.

this is not about a miraculous or secret technique. this is about a process of surrendering, selflove, and letting go of the inflated control of mind, and reconnecting to the ancient wisdom, waiting to be touched. i share with you the codes of my experience. with an open heart, a transparent mind, and in authenticity. out of the moment, being us, being sisters on the way together.

another offering, i am called to make are my "shamanic womb voice” transmissions. after a conversation, or a voice opening together, i channel a medicine song for you. also recording a medicine song for you via video, so you could listen and dive into it again, is possible. we see individually, what suits you best.

heart opening satsang / conversation about awakening, ascension, BEing HUman, and being woman

if you resonate, or have questions, feel free to contact me here on fb, or via e-mail:, or visit our website:

blessed BE, miriam

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