connect your Womb and heart through your voice * a short practice


Shamanic Womb Voice  



My background , a story


my human way of the last 6 years was, and still is marked through deep transformational experience: letting go. Surrendering everything, on and on, as far as it gets, and one step further. Becoming a being of trust and knowing from the heart. entering the dark void of infinite possibilities. to come clear, to delete old programs and patterns, and activate the full capacity of DNA. a way of many shamanic deaths, of seemingly losing oneself, and finding again, a dance on the tightrope, of mirrors, humility, of experiencing and accepting my true power, and my „own“ light.  The way of direct revelation, or gnosis. Connecting the dots of this vast ocean of information and codes I AM. As in this point of creation, we integrate the wisdom and skills of all our earthly, and also galactic incarnations, re-becoming the multidimensional creator being we always have been. Until 2018, me and my other whole were mostly living in the forests around zurich, and a forest in the italian part of switzerland. Mostly with nothing more, than a plastic tarp, hung between two trees and in presence of the clearing fire, barefoot, in loving embrace of the tree friends, and in feeling touch with the elemental beings. Receiving their teachings and loving frequency.
i remembered being HUman, the clear beauty of simplicity, surrendering, being woman and being man in its whole-holy, primordial meaning, and the purpose of my soul in this body and incarnation. 
Jeshua and Magdala came into our field, right after me and the man of my heart met. As we were in deep communion, eye gazing into timelesness, they appeared, and said: we are here again. From there on, our journey into hieros gamos or sacred union began. Our soulself pushing us into selfhealing, thousandfoldly mirrored back and forth, between the two of us. Download after download in the wisdom of the HUman and cosmic christ. To be embodied one step at the time. 
i was held and carried by mother earth, when the old healing songs from the great mother, from my and our collective ancestors, as well as from my ‘past’ incarnations came back into my human consciousness of now, and were shaking me to the bones, and began to pour their medicine into my cells. As i consciously initiated the clearing of my womb space, the tones were there from the beginning, helping me release, what couldn’t and didn’t have to be put in words. Old, ancestral grief of the divine feminine, oceans of tears. And as more was cleared, also from the divine masculine. Remembering, purging, clearing into zero point, again and again. Lying in catharsis / trance under the trees, meeting my resistance, fears, traumas unknown. Getting conscious of the beings/ angels that showered me with their healing lightforce. And finally evolving into trance states, where i now ‘work’ with the love of ONE, in purity and clarity.
my voice is, and was my loving supporting tool and companion, my medicine for myself, and everyone resonant to receive. in this and in other lifetimes / dreams.